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How soon do I need to contact you after my baby is born for my pre-booked newborn session?

Within 24 hours! With my tight schedule of due dates it is imperative you contact me within 24 hours of babies arrival so we can find the best date for us within the time frame of how we photograph the newborns (the first 5-12 days of life). If you do not contact me until later or after baby is born we cannot guarantee your session. It is also always best to keep us informed of any changes to your due date during your pregnancy.

What is included with your Kristina Thompson Photography session?

With your session fee you will receive your full booked shoot, a link to your gallery for the digital download of all of the edited, high resolution, print ready images, and a release/information form from us that will allow you to have the images printed. Do you offer print packages? No. I give you the digital files to print at the print house of your choosing. However, I make STRONG recommendations on where and how to print your images Copyright Although Kristina Thompson Photography releases the right for you to print your photos I retain the copyright for all the images.

How many images will I get from my session?

Although I do not guarantee a certain number of images I do set a standard for my sessions and that standard is outlined in each sessions description – please revert to the investment page for the details of your chosen session. With these image standards I will also do black and white conversions whenever aesthetically possible for the image, resulting in double the amount of final images. Some sessions we are able to produce more final images – but please remember that at Kristina Thompson Photography I only put out the very best from your session.

How will I get to see all of my images?

As long as you give me permission to share on social media, I will post a few sneak peeks of your images on Facebook! You are always free to use these images as your profile or cover photo but please remember to never crop or alter the image or watermark as Kristina Thompson Photography retains the copyright. Once all of your images are done I will load your entire gallery onto our website in a private viewing page for you to see them all. There is no additional charge for this online gallery nor is there a charge to keep it up for a while for you to show family and friends.

Settings, Props and More!

I will try many different settings, props and poses and do not guarantee they will all come out. Please understand this as you will see me do many changes for the settings as you may not see those images in your final gallery. At Kristina Thompson Photography I put out only the very best quality images and if I do not feel they reach my level of success I will not put them on your final gallery. If there is something specific you desire please take a moment to let me know in advance. You are also welcome to bring along your own props and outfits to add a more personal touch to your images.


Although Kristina Thompson Photography retains the copyright I understand and respect your right to the privacy of the photographs of your children and I will always ask for your permissions to share the images via Facebook,  Blog, here on my website, for print promotions or for vendor recognition.

Who can come to the session?

Only those being photographed are invited to the session. We understand new moms sometimes need a little help – please let us know ahead of time if you will be bringing a relative to the session with you who will not be in the images.

What happens when the children don’t co-operate for the shoot?

I know working with little ones can be tough and takes a lot of patience – which thankfully I have. However, from time to time I could be faced with a situation where I find it is just not working and if we continue to try it will only frustrate the child (children) more. So it is better to just call it a day, and hopefully reschedule if it's a milestone session. If this were to occur, please respect the time and understand the full session fee will still be due and payable.

What if I have to cancel the day of?

Things happen – kids get sick– If this happens – please don’t “try” to make the shoot – it will just wind up with me having to reschedule. In case of a last minute emergency, please give me as much advance notice as possible. We will reschedule, however, be aware that immediate rescheduling might not be possible.


I love to do outdoor, on location, shoots. However, I do have travel limits. If you would like to choose your location, please discuss the location with us prior to booking as travel fees may apply.

Retainers & Final Payment

Retainer Fees are non refundable and due upon booking your session to hold your spot. If your retainer fee is not received within the time frame specified on your invoice your spot will be opened back up. Retainer fees cannot be applied to future sessions should you need to cancel. Final Payment is due at the time of your session.


All newborn sessions are scheduled Monday through Friday at 9am. I will select your session date for all newborn sessions based around when your baby was born, gender and any medical concerns. Please note: there is very little leeway in changes due to other due dates and babies born on or around the same time as yours.

Weekend Sessions

I do not shoot on Saturdays or Sundays- this is reserved family time, thank you so much for understanding!

When you or your baby are ill (typically this is in reference to 6 – 12 month milestone sessions)

Please do NOT bring a child who is ill to the studio. You won’t have good pictures if your baby isn’t feeling well! Also, tiny humans are in and out of the studio on a daily basis with brand new, still developing immune systems. We do not – nor do I believe you would – want to bring any unnecessary germs to them. Finally, we (Myself and my assistant) have families of our own we like to keep healthy. I reserve the right to refuse a session if I believe your child is ill with no refund of the deposit. Contact us as soon as possible if you believe your child is ill. I deal with this on a case by case basis depending on our schedule. Although rescheduling is not always an option – bringing a sick child is never an option.