the "fresh baby" experience

What is a "fresh baby" session and how is it different than a newborn session?

"fresh baby" sessions are done in the hospital (or place of birth) within the first 48 hours after baby is born.  It's a focus on baby and those tiny hospital-type details that are often overlooked and much more relaxed, as well as shorter, than a posed newborn session.  They both are very important ways of documenting the beginning of life, and they compliment each other well.  Newborn sessions are beautiful, fine art and specialized photography. These are the images of babies on soft, pillowy blankets, rustic buckets, and sessions with props. I personally love these!  They are my personal favorites to shoot.  They absolutely compliment each other well and families that book them together are not booking the same session twice, but instead choosing to document two different times of the ever-changing newborn stage!

What will parents do during a "fresh baby" session?

I include parents if they want to be, and siblings if they are there too!  Since it's often a small hospital room, I like to capture parents in a more relaxed way.  Sitting on the bed, snuggling baby, or sitting in a rocking chair watching baby in the bassinet.  

Do I need to tell my hospital that I have a session?

Yes.  Please let them know that it is part of your hospital/birth plan.  Most are extremely warm and open to this process and will give us the time needed to finish the session, as uninterrupted as possible. :)

How long does a "fresh baby" session last?

On average, 45 minutes, although it could be a little more or less, depending on baby.  I don't rush them and if baby needs to eat, I will gladly document that as part of it as well, if you want.   I am in no rush and your session is the only  session I will do that day.  Sessions will take place sometime in the morning, depending on what works for you, before noon.

What do I need to have on hand?

I will provide a letter board that will have baby's name and birth day/weight.  A simple outfit that you like or swaddle blanket is all that is needed.  

Can my spouse or other children be included in the session?

Absolutely!  I strongly encourage you to take mom/dad/family/sibling shots during the session.  As far as what to wear for that, I have a complete prep guide that is sent via email to you at the time of booking that covers all of the details you need to know that might not be covered here!