the milestone session experience

What milestone sessions do you offer?

Any you'd like to remember!  Tummy time (around 4 months), sitting (around 7 months), birthday (cake smash added in if you like!)....

or just because your kids are getting older, graduating or getting engaged!  

Can my child have more than one outfit change?

Yes!  I often have some cute outfits (depending on baby size!) in my studio that you're welcome to use if you like.  Or, feel free to bring what you think he/she looks beautiful in.  As long as baby tolerates an outfit change, we can do it.

Can I (mom/dad) be in a few shots?

Absolutely!  While this is a session that focuses on baby's special age, I always am happy to include mom/dad in a few shots!  

What time of day are sessions scheduled?

The absolute best light is sunset light.  I try to make that happen by scheduling about 1.5 hours before sunset.  I know that especially during the summer this can be late, but often baby can get a nap in to make this work!  It's a little more work, but I promise I make it fun and it's worth it!!

If the weather is not looking great for that evening, I'll work with you to reschedule to a better weather day.  This might sound difficult, but no one wants pictures when it's dark or dreary!  I promise, we will make it work and the end light result is always worth the wait!

Indoor sessions are scheduled during the winter months.  In that case, we will discuss the best time for everyone.  

What if someone in my family is sick on the day of my session?

It's important to reschedule if anyone in your family is/has been sick.  I often am in contact with several newborns a week and I would never want to risk getting any of those little ones sick!  So if there is sickness in your family (or in mine!  Hey...it happens!), we will work together to reschedule as soon as possible.  Healthy family first!

Do you offer a discount for booking a more than one milestone session?

Yes!  Booking more than one session will give you a 10% discount!