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Everyone has questions, start here!

Frequently Asked Questions...

Family, newborn & milestone FAQ's

I have so many questions!  Where do I start?

Any client that books a session with me will receive a prep guide personalized to the type of session you have booked.  My studio address, info and all other things you need to know are all right there to read over whenever you like!  I've also highlighted some of the "top questions" below.

When should I book my session?

As soon as possible!  For milestone and family sessions, I do occasionally have last minute openings, but it is of course not guaranteed.  Evening outdoor family sessions usually book in advance so if you are wanting a family session, be sure to book in advance! For newborns, booking in your second trimester assures that no matter how busy my calendar gets, I will keep enough time in my calendar for you!  Just like my other sessions, there's always a chance of last minute openings, but not guaranteed.

Do I have to provide props or anything else for my session?

I keep the studio stocked with props, wraps, headbands, fabrics...a little bit of everything!  Family sessions are typically more basic- I usually bring a quilt and a wooden crate for the kiddos to stand on during photos.  I also have a client closet with dresses for mom and some items for baby too (sizes 3 month-2t).  You can view some of the items I have in my client closet here

For newborn sessions, I keep the studio stocked with everything needed except baby. Diapers, wipes, props, snacks, coffee & tea and even a couch to relax on during the session!

How long do sessions last?

Newborn sessions can last 2-4 hours, depending on baby.  Family and milestone sessions last typically an hour, give or take.  

What should I wear for my session?

I am always happy to help with family session outfit choices!  I tend to tell clients to stay away from super busy patterns and to try to avoid putting everyone in the same color.  My client closet is available for moms and baby as well!  Take advantage of that awesome resource!

What happens if my baby cries during my newborn session?

This is such a common concern!  Rest assured, my assistant and I have done hundreds of sessions and have learned lots of tips and things to make things so smoother.  Babies will cry, it's their only means of communication.  I have a method of waiting on baby to fall asleep (its called "unsoothing") that doesn't ever involve baby crying for extended periods of time.  I am used to waiting on baby to wear him/herself out while relaxing in the heat.  Patience is key!  Please don't stress, I promise I'm not!  This is meant to be a relaxing experience for both baby and parents.

My toddler can be a bit energetic!  What happens during the session if he/she won't settle?

This is also a common concern. I am the parent of three very energetic children, so I completely understand your concern!  I can be found playing a game of tag with energetic kiddos or making silly jokes to get them to send some genuine smiles my way, or giving goldfish crackers to shy toddlers, playing patticake to get gummy grins.  It's part of my job and I love it!  Please be patient with your kiddos, it's a relatively short process (I try to be fast!) for family and milestone sessions, and they are not ruining your session or trying my patience.  I regularly recommend promising a special treat of ice cream or something after the session (A reward for parents AND kids!) to help with the motivation!

Senior session FAQs

I'm a rising senior, what are the next steps to booking a session with you?

I try to make booking sessions with me easy!  Once you've contacted me, I will ask a few questions about the basics of your session- what setting do you want?  A field/flowers or urban street?  Do you have a particular location in mind? (If not, that's okay!  I always have awesome locations that I can suggest!) Once a tentative location and date is decided, I'll email a prep guide that has *lots* of information to help you!  The retainer invoice will be in that email too.  Once that is paid, you're all set!  

What can I include in my session to personalize it for me?

I'll send you a questionnaire that will help me to get to know you and your likes much better!  Then we can chat via email, phone or over coffee (my personal favorite, ha!) to discuss details!  Maybe you want to include your car, your adorable pup, your Great Aunt Martha, band instrument or sports equipment.  I will make a plan and we discuss things so that YOU are most comfortable and I am most prepared!  If you don't have any of those things that you want to include, that's okay too!

How long after my session will I get my images and what is that process?

About 2-3 weeks after your session I will send a link via email that has your gallery link!  You can download, share (and PLEASE back the images up!) and even order from that gallery link if you like!  I use a gorgeous professional quality printer.  You can also download and print, your gallery will include a print release. 

Can I split my senior session into two sessions, like in the Fall and in the Spring?

Yes, you can!  We will have to discuss this in advance because of the planning aspect, but I'm happy to do that for you!  There is a second location fee of $100 in addition to the session fee.  

hey there...ready to book?

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